OSS Training

This eLearning course helps the Operations Support Specialist  (OSS) for an airline exchange information about flights between day and night shifts at the Flight Operations Center.

Package Add-On Feature

This eLearning course helps hotel front desk agents to use a new product feature, the package add-on, for hotel software. 

Thailand Travel Course

This eLearning course is designed for travelers that want to learn more about Thailand. The choose-your-own-adventure course has two paths: Family and Couple.

Seven Deadly Sins of GDP

In manufacturing, good documentation practices are critical in order to deliver products efficiently and ensure each step in the process is traceable. This job aid is designed for a Biotech company where employees were making simple mistakes causing confusion and readability issues. These 7 issues were the most common.

Hybrid Workplace Communication Tips

The hybrid workplace is the new normal. Working from somewhere besides the office is more common than ever. This job aid was created for a company adjusting to hybrid workplace communication. The resource shares expectations for when to use different tools, establishes norms, and gives a timeline for when to respond.

Marshalling Signals

This job aid is for ramp agents to use to help them remember the marshalling signals.

How to Open a Recently Closed Tab

This short video explains how to open a tab that was closed in a browser.