OSS Pass-Off Sheet Training

This eLearning course helps new and existing Operations Support Specialists (OSS) exchange information about flights between day and night shifts at the Flight Operations Center (FOC).

Responsibilities: Instructional Design, eLearning Development in coordination with Alison Cloutier
Target Audience: Operations Support Specialists
Tools Used: Articulate Storyline, Camtasia, Adobe IllustratorAdobe Acrobat
Client: Aviata Airlines
Date: July 2021


There is no current procedure for the handoff between day and night shifts in the Flight Operations Center at Aviata which leads to inconsistent and nonstandard information sharing. This problem results in key information being missed, a decrease in efficiency, and negative cash flow. The Head of the Flight Operations Center would like a standardized procedure for information sharing between crew shifts. This procedure is expected to increase OSS efficacy and increase on time arrivals by 25% in 9 months. All new OSS will be given the training as well as current OSS’s. 

During the kick-off meeting, the stakeholders, SMEs, myself, and other instructional designers discussed this problem, the business goal to increase on time arrivals, and training as well as non-training solutions. As a solution, we suggested to create a pass-off sheet to facilitate the transfer of information. In addition, we created training to show how to fill out each section of the pass-off sheet. At the end of the training, OSS will need to correctly fill out a pass-off sheet using the variety of sources of information about each flight including the trip-sheet, email communications, and phone calls from the FOC, crew, and customers.   

Action Mapping

After we determined the business goal, we created an action map that led us to practice the skills of collecting information and filling out the Pass-Off sheet correctly. We agree on our objectives for the eLearning course, which was OSS will complete the pass off sheet in complete detail and place it in the company’s virtual desktop at the end of each shift. 

Project Documents and Timeline

At the conclusion of the kickoff meeting, we created a project document and timeline to ensure expectations and meet deadlines for deliverables. 

Project Plan 


StoryBoard Design

After analysis was completed, we created the style guide with fonts and colors from the brand. Next, we designed the course in a storyboard. After the intital design, we got feedback from the SME.

 Storyboard – Pass Off Sheet Training


After storyboarding the course, we started development. First, we developed a pass-off sheet template that could be used for each flight. Then, I made an interactive PDF version with an example of the sheet filled out as well as hover icons that explain complicated sections.

Pass Off Sheet Interactive PDF

 Then, after creating and collecting all the assets, we used Camtasia and Storyline 360 to author the content. The course presents the need for the pass-off sheet, presents videos to explain each section and how to fill it out. The final part of the course requires the learner to fill out a pass-off sheet using the OSS schedule and a trip sheet as the sources of information.
Screen with two icons on top (Master Schedule & Example Pass Off Sheet) Options for filling out each section of pass out sheet

Table with columns and rows of a pass off sheet including Taill Number, Date, PIC & SIC and other important information.


Aviata airlines were pleased to receive the finished course, which they have successfully implemented for new and existing OSS. Additionally, low performing OSS have an option to take the course to help improve their effectiveness. They are tracking results to determine if the business goal of reducing negative cash flow has been achieved.